Discipline, exclusive and professional

Interests and Interests: Discipline?
Is and Sudan Exclusive?
Packages and court pros?

The above utsawat sentence is very light for prnukte, but very heavy for sikkei or equating it for oneself, an organization will call for a company if you can't interpret the meaning and meaning.

WHAT IS discipline?

Use Wikipedia, the Indonesian encyclopedia
Discipline is a message that means obeying the values - Values ​​that can be trusted include doing certain things that are responsibilities.

The Indonesian language discipline comes from the Latin Discer Young means Belazar. From this word mash the word discipline which means offering or farming.

time discipline Belaman from English is "disciple" which means language or student knowledge.

And Sekaron Words Discipline Temenining The Meanings In Sekari Penzertin, such as:
1st discipline is defined as obedience to the rules or subject to discipline, and obedience.
2. Discipline is an exercise that teaches you to keep yourself in order so that you can behave in an orderly manner.

The meaning of the word discipline is practice and adherence to the rules. With the system as a discipline, it means that all parika can guarantee a system of living and learning, learning, and worshiping together.

WHAT IS Exclusivity?
Flood Art Gift Cat Exclusive, 3 pcs.
1. Special
2. Not included
3. Luxurious / Expensive Barkesan

where the word SPECIAL, NOT INCLUDED and impresses LUXURY / EXPENSIVE is only suitable for one group, namely people with money or qualifications and at the specified time.

In Indonesia, there are many people who do marketing. Many people say exclusive words for overpromotion and for running their products, Supia Laris Seheto, many people are deceived.

like "this" art but what "that" gets.

Professional Aarti Cut

Professional work in court is professional work. Every Professional Is True To The Moral Values ​​Of Yan Naira And Masadali Perbutan Lubur. In the domain of professional duties, professionals must amectus object artinea free from shame, sentiment, hate, cicap malus and only amectus.

In an organization or company, to equate professionals and disciplines, you must think that the bike is at the top level, above the level, at the lower level. A good discipline and professional attitude must first be shown from the top level so that the lower level also follows the implementation, so it is impossible for an employee to be afraid of the goals and also the organization or organization in its implementation. Among them are the exclusive work program, Sehati Will Not Be Afraid of Fooling People Who Eat Will Destroy the Association and the Company Itself.
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